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title: "Implementing Delegates"
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date: 2020-03-20T10:53:05-05:00
While we have a working particle system, it's not very flexible. There are a number of approaches we can use to add some flexibility to it. Let's start by thinking about what will change between different particle systems. Let's think through a couple of examples:
......@@ -141,5 +141,3 @@ Also note how we no longer need the `Emitter` property - we can now set the spaw
We also are using MonoGame's [MathHelper.Lerp]( method to linearly interpolate our random value between 0 and 1 to the ranges [-50, +50] and [0, 100]. There are many such helpful methods packed into the [MathHelper]( class.
Try running the game now. See how different our particle system behaves based on a few changes? By moving the spawning and updating functionality to delegates, we can quickly modify each particle system we create to meet our needs.
Next, let's look at how we can define a few commonly-used particle system effects -l
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