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Forgot to add the syntax highlighting file for vim. That has been rectified.

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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Maude-PSL
" Maintainer: Andrew Cholewa <>
" A slightly modified version of the syntax file used for the Maude language:
" Language: Maude <>
" Maintainer: Steven N. Severinghaus <>
" Last Modified: 2005-02-03 " Version: 0.1
" To install, copy (or link) this file into the ~/.vim directory
" and add the following to your ~/.vimrc file
" au BufRead,BufNewFile *.maude set filetype=maude
" au BufRead,BufNewFile *.kmaude set filetype=maude
" au BufRead,BufNewFile *.k set filetype=maude
" au BufRead,BufNewFile *.m set filetype=maude
" au! Syntax maude source maude.vim
" syn on
" Quit if syntax file is already loaded
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
command! -nargs=+ MaudeHiLink hi def link <args>
"Matches words that start with an uppercase letter.
"Added by Andrew Cholewa
"This is meant to allow variable names to stick out, assuming the coder
"follows the convention of capitalizing the first character of their variable
"Match at least one upper-case letter followed by 0 or more digits
"So variables are of the form T T1 T2 SPEC
syn match variableName /\<\u\+\d\{-}\>/
"Match at least one upper-case letter followed by a lower-case letter followed
"by zero or more word characters.
"Sorts are of the form Sortname SortName
syn match maudeSorts /\<\u\l\w\{-}\>/
"Added by Andrew Cholewa
"This is meant to make the parenthesis stand out, which is very important
"considering how much Maude relies on parenthesis.
syn match parenthesis /(/
syn match parenthesis /)/
"The end result of the matching patterns above is to make the operators stick
"out more (roughly, the non-highlighted text are the user-defined
"End Material added by Andrew Cholewa
syn keyword maudeModule mod fmod omod endm endfm endm is endkm
syn keyword maudeImports protecting including extending
syn keyword maudeSortDecl sort sorts subsort subsorts
syn keyword maudeStatements op ops var vars eq ceq rl crl rule macro context configuration mb cmb if fi then else
"syn match maudeFlags "\[.*\]"
syn keyword maudeCommands reduce red rewrite rew parse frewrite frew search
syn match maudeComment "\*\*\*.*"
syn match maudeComment "---.*"
syn region maudeComment start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=maudeTodo,@Spell
syn region maudeComment start="---(" end="---)" contains=maudeTodo,@Spell
syn match maudeComment "//.*" contains=maudeTodo,@Spell
syn match maudeStatements "->"
syn match maudeStatements "|"
syn match maudeStatements ":"
"syn match maudeOps "^\s*subsorts[^<]*<"hs=e-1
"syn match maudeOps "^\s*ceq[^=]*="
syn match maudeOps "="
syn match maudeOps "\.\s*$"
"syn keyword maudeSorts K KResult KLabel KResultLabel List Bag Set Map
"syn keyword maudeSorts NeList NeMap NeBag NeSet
"syn keyword maudeSorts KProper KProperLabel NeKProperList
"syn keyword maudeSorts CellLabel ListItem BagItem SetItem MapItem
syn keyword maudeAttrs assoc comm idem iter id left-id right-id strat memo
syn keyword maudeAttrs prec gather format ctor config object msg frozen
syn keyword maudeAttrs poly special label metadata owise nonexec
syn keyword maudeAttrs seqstrict strict structural hybrid nondet bidirectional large
syn keyword maudeAttrs latex
syn match maudeStatements "_"
syn match maudeStatements "?"
syn match maudeStatements "\.\.\."
"syn keyword maudeLiteral Bool Int Float Nat Qid Id
"syn keyword maudeLiteral Zero NzNat NzInt NzRat Rat FiniteFloat
"syn keyword maudeLiteral String Char FindResult DecFloat
syn keyword maudeLiteral andBool orBool xorBool notBool impliesBool
"syn keyword maudeLiteral sNat
syn keyword maudeLiteral true false
syn match maudeLiteral "\<\(0[0-7]*\|0[xX]\x\+\|\d\+\)[lL]\=\>"
syn match maudeLiteral "\(\<\d\+\.\d*\|\.\d\+\)\([eE][-+]\=\d\+\)\=[fFdD]\="
syn keyword maudeTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX NOTE BUG
syn region maudeString start=+"+ end=+"+ contains=@Spell
MaudeHiLink maudeModule PreProc
MaudeHiLink maudeImports PreProc
MaudeHiLink maudeAttrs Comment
MaudeHiLink maudeStatements Keyword
MaudeHiLink maudeModules String
MaudeHiLink maudeComment Comment
MaudeHiLink maudeSortDecl Keyword
MaudeHiLink maudeOps Special
MaudeHiLink maudeCommands Special
MaudeHiLink maudeFlags Comment
MaudeHiLink maudeSorts PreProc
MaudeHiLink maudeLiteral String
MaudeHiLink maudeTodo Todo
MaudeHiLink maudeString String
"Added by Andrew Cholewa
MaudeHiLink variableName Identifier
MaudeHiLink parenthesis Comment
"hi def maudeMisc term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
delcommand MaudeHiLink
let b:current_syntax = "maude"
"EOF vim: tw=78:ft=vim:ts=8
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