Commit 63966d9b authored by acholewa's avatar acholewa
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Fixed a bug where nested definitions were not being expanded properly.

parent 06ad7b50
......@@ -321,9 +321,7 @@ def gen_intermediate(parseTree, theoryFileName):
roleTermPair[DEF_KEY_TERM]]) for roleTermPair, shorthandLineNum in defMap.items()])
defs = '$noDefs'
#code.append(' '.join(['[', defs, ']']))
code.append(' '.join(['[', '$checkWellFormed(', defs, ')', ']']))
code.append(' '.join(['[', '$makeIdem($checkWellFormed(', defs, '))', ']']))
return code
......@@ -446,7 +444,7 @@ def compute_sorts(defMap, syntaxFileName, pslTree):
#shorthand, and shorthand that does. Then we iteratively grow the shorthand that doesn't depend on others as we compute the
#sorts of the indepedent shorthand, until we've computed the sorts of all the shorthand.
shorthand = {shorthand for shorthand, lineNumber in defMap.values()}
dependentShorthand = {(role, term):(shorthand, lineNumber) for ((role, term), (shorthand, lineNumber)) in defMap.iteritems() if
dependentShorthand = {(role, term):shorthandLineNum for ((role, term), shorthandLineNum) in defMap.iteritems() if
independentShorthand = {roleTerm:defMap[roleTerm] for roleTerm in defMap if not roleTerm in dependentShorthand}
knownShorthand = dict()
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