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Usage: ./ <FILENAME>.psl

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./ <FILENAME>.sh

The difference is that the second command also automatically loads the 
generated Maude file into Maude-NPA, along with all the other files that
Maude-NPA needs to run properly, using the version of Maude included in the 
repository (maude27 as of May 14 2015). Note that if you invoke the shell
script, then Maude-NPA will be loaded whether or not the PSL script 
successfully executes. So invoking is recommended until the 
specification is well-formed.

The program will generate one files: 

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contains the Maude-NPA modules that can be loaded into the Maude-NPA.

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Note that although the translation program itself works with Maude 2.6, the 
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that the generated modules are compatible with relies on a version of Maude 
that is
not-quite-ready for release. Therefore, in addition to the translation code, 
is an experimental version of Maude, the Maude prelude, and the Maude-NPA that 
these modules are compatible with. 
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To load <FILENAME>.maude into the Maude-NPA, type:

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./maude27 -no-prelude prelude.maude maude-npa.maude <FILENAME>.maude
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For more details about PSL, see psl_description.pdf (a draft of Andrew Cholewa's
Spring 2015 Masters Thesis at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), 
included with this repository.